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This is a first-person Dark riddle mod apk adventure thriller game with an interactive environment. You can solve puzzles and uncover the secrets of a suspicious neighbor who lives across the street from you
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Dark Riddle mod apk is one of the most exciting and suspenseful games. Dark Riddle provides a suspenseful screen searching for objects and escaping from the house owner’s chasing. A drone cam covers the city in cinematic view when the game starts. Then you have to go to the neighbor’s house where all the doors are locked, then you have to take an apple and throw it on the glass window and break the glass window, then you have to jump into the house and find keys to unlock other doors.

To unlock other doors, you have to go shopping and buy a shocking gun by shooting the neighbor; by shocking gun, your enemy will be freezed for then seconds. You also have to play a video game from another neighbor’s house. In the game, when you enter the neighbor’s house, the target will chase you, and if he catches you, Then you have to play the game from the start, but the things that you have stolen from the neighbor’s house will be kept in your bag.

Dark Riddle apk

Graphics and Sounds

This game contains 3D graphics and the best and most amazing sound quality. In the game, at the back area of the house, there is a camera by which, when the house owner goes out from the house, the camera will give him a signal that someone is in his house. The game’s sound system is so amazing that when the house owner gets into the house, the sound of opening and closing the door will come, and you can also easily escape from the house. Diamond quest 2 mod apk is an adventure game and you can download from here.

How to enter the house?

When the game starts at the left hand on the screen, there will be a box; then you have to carry that box and throw it outside the door, then you have to jump on it and then enter the house. When you enter the house, you have to pick up the apple on the left side of the stairs and throw it on the window; then the glass window will break, and you can easily enter the house.

Solving the mystery

At the back of the house, there is an electricity-conducting area where you have to go and solve the mystery. You have to solve the puzzle, and the mystery will be solved automatically. But at the back of the house, there is a guard of the house owner like a spider. It will fire a thing that will freeze and call the house owner by sending signals to him. When you enter the backyard electricity room, you have to solve the mystery, and the electricity will blow up.

Finding things in a large city

In the game, there will be a large city on your screen where you have to find things. First, you have to solve the peter mystery. Peter loves the plants very much, but he thinks that if someone has stolen his rare sapling of an exotic plant, you have to find that rare sapling. Peter thought that the neighbor had stolen his sapling and we had to find it and give it to peter. In the big city, there is a shop where you can purchase many guns and other useful things. In the city, you can also do fireworks by using fifty coins. It looks so amazing.

dark riddle mod apk unlimited apples

Finding Keys from the house

To find the keys, First, you have to enter the house, and when the house owner goes out of the house, you have to enter the house and find the keys from drawers and many other places where the house owner has placed the keys. There are three floors of the neighbor’s house. You have to visit all the floors of the house and find all the keys from the floors. There is also a place at the back of the house upstairs. You have to go up, and there is a room upstairs. Where you can also find some keys and other things that will help you.


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