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Iron Blade MOD APK is a new action and role-playing game for Android, we are providing official and healthy version for your entertainment.
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Iron blade mod apk begins with a period in French history when the late King Philip IV owes a lot to the “Sanctuary Knights” and needs to fulfill the entire contract by killing the group. King Baal drove Philip away, causing France to be overwhelmed by the advance of Hell’s army. Now, Damien, the last surviving knight in this action game, you must fight King Philip and King Baal’s army to restore the peace of France.

The game’s constant interaction is straightforward. If the virtual gamepad is removed, players won’t have to worry about controlling development (computerized), so they can focus on attacking, redirecting, and defending. The innovative and straightforward engagement of medieval legends ensures that the battles are spectacular.

Iron Blade apk

Iron blade apk is a simple battle assignment action-adventure game that allows players to design their combos on the opponent based on their preferred play style, resulting in various combinations of abilities. Battles become captivating and addictive as you defeat and crush your opponent. Many essential weapons, such as blades, bows, etc., usually depend on the type of weapon with different combat capabilities.

You must get your sword and become a saint yourself; neither lineage nor fate can make you one. Explore an action-adventure stunning gaming universe filled with high-quality graphics, friendly to controls player, and a clever – yet easy to understand – battle system that never gets idle and constantly throws you into one heart-pounding battle after another.

What is the Iron Blade APK?

Iron Blade is a thrilling game where you assume the role of a valiant warrior and fight against your enemies to defend your land. With a plethora of special powers at your disposal, you can unleash devastating attacks on your foes. The shield breaker ability can shatter the defense system of your enemies, leaving them vulnerable to your attacks. Daily rewards keep the gameplay fresh and exciting, while various elements allow you to hone your skills and become a more formidable warrior. With its captivating storyline and immersive gameplay, Iron Blade is a must-play game for action and adventure enthusiasts.

Be aware of your abilities

Each item of the equipment in this game can be equipped with a passive or active skill. All of these give you new skills. The passive skill is used to improve the health and stats in the battle with your player, and the active skill will increase the ability of your player to destroy your opponent in battle. So, it is an important aspect of battle to know which one of these skills you have, so test your skills before entering a level.

Iron Blade apk download

Shield Breaker is a critical skill. When you’re up against the armored knights, this active talent is a devastating attack that overwhelms enemy defenses, making it a great choice. Savage is another vital skill. This passive talent reduces your active abilities each time you hit your off-hand weapon. If you want to destroy the opponent more quickly, you can use your active abilities more if you can consistently land off-hand attacks, which can wreak havoc on the battlefield. Play the similar game Beast Quest MOD APK.

Play like a Warrior

You will have to battle through various enemies and challenges as you explore the stunningly designed medieval landscapes. With each battle you win, you will gain access to new weapons and abilities that will aid you in your quest. The game also features a rich storyline that is sure to keep you engaged throughout your journey.

Daily Rewards

By logging in daily, you can also earn experience points that will help you level up and unlock new abilities. The more you play, the stronger your character becomes. Plus, with the treasure chests and free weapons, you can gear up and prepare yourself for the toughest battles ahead. So make sure to log in daily and claim your rewards to become the ultimate warrior in Iron Blade.

Participate in Events

Moreover, participating in events can give you a chance to compete with other players and climb up the leaderboard. The events are updated regularly, so you will always have something new to look forward to. Additionally, the new weapons and upgraded character will give you an edge in battles, making them a crucial part of the game.

Get free chest

Every five hours, you can get a standard chest for free. Make sure you can get and open these chests as frequently as possible because these chests contain many items like keys and occasionally rubies. You will need to save your rubies and silver keys for the premium chests. You can get the silver keys by logging in daily, playing, and leveling up. Rubies are the game’s premium currency; the only free way to get them is through daily login rewards.

Iron Blade free download

Don’t miss a single day to get the daily reward. On the other hand, you will have 50 golden keys to open the Legendary Gearboxes. The only way to get them is to log in to the daily login reward board for all 30 days. After completing the month, you’ll receive precisely 50 golden keys, giving you instant access to a legendary chest.

Improve Equipment

Choosing the right equipment in a game is important, but it’s also important to maintain and upgrade it over time. Whenever you get a chance, upgrade your equipment, and if you have any old items you don’t need, use them to improve your newer items. Grinding, or repeating tasks over and over, is often necessary if you want to get better equipment or other rewards in the game.

To see what rewards you can get, check the different levels of the game. If there’s a particular item you want or need, keep playing that level until you get it, or until you’ve collected all the possible rewards.

Upgrade your character

Upgrading your character is essential in Iron Blade as it allows you to increase your power and unlock new abilities. The process of upgrading requires you to spend the in-game currency which can be earned by completing missions or participating in events. With each upgrade, you can make your warrior stronger, faster, and more resilient, enabling you to face even tougher challenges in the game.

Use Special Moves

You shouldn’t neglect essential parts of your aggression. We’re referring to your special moves, which we advocate using on any level three-star. Be aware that they can take a while to charge, and you won’t be able to choose which one you want to use because they cycle, so you can choose whatever is available instead of your favorite.

Iron Blade free download

It has to be used. However, it doesn’t matter because these special moves can deal a lot of damage and, as stated earlier, can be extremely useful in achieving a perfect three-star rating.

Special Events

  • As the demonic army of war approaches, there’s no castle to take refuge in, only conflict and a bloody crucifix. This is not the time to waste! Draw your sword and become a skilled monster hunter to fulfill the voyage prophecy once and for all!
  • As you progress through the challenging story missions of this RPG game, unravel the tale of deceit and treachery.
  • The exciting action of a role-playing game is now accessible to everyone with the deep dungeon gameplay and easy-to-use mobile controls. You can quickly chain together sword attacks during intense battles and experience the thrill of the fight.
  • Engage in combat using a variety of remarkable weapons and equipment that can be discovered throughout your adventure in this RPG game.
  • Craft your own awe-inspiring empire in this epic RPG game and transform it into a majestic castle.
  • In this game, you can combine various Monster Hunter combos using tap and slide controls to create your own unique combat style.
  • You can get unlimited diamonds and precious items like rubies for free in the game now. If you want to play the game fairly, you can use the original APK. However, if you prefer, you can download the Iron Blade MOD APK.
  • The game takes place in medieval Europe, where you can explore a fantastic environment. The graphics are similar to those found in heated computer games and game consoles. To defeat many enemies, you need to collect the most powerful weapons. The game also features amazing places and medieval castles that are specifically designed to teach you how to play.
  • As you expand your empire, you’ll face the challenge of competing against the rulers of other states in PVP contests, putting hundreds of players at risk.

MOD Feature

Unlimited Rubies

Rubies are a valuable resource in Iron Blade Mod APK and can be used to purchase a variety of powerful weapons and equipment. With unlimited Rubies available in the Mod version of the game, you can upgrade your character and acquire new skills without worrying about running out of currency. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the gameplay and focus on honing your skills as a warrior.

Unlimited Moves

The game provides you with an easy-to-use control system that allows you to make quick moves and counter-attacks. With the freedom to use unlimited moves, you can create your own fighting style and become the ultimate warrior in the game.


This means that you can fully immerse yourself in the game without any interruptions or distractions. Moreover, the graphics and sound effects in this game are top-notch, making your gaming experience even more enjoyable.

Increased Speed

With the high-speed feature offered in this Mod version, you can effortlessly defeat your rivals within a short time.


Q. Iron blade is an offline game?

Ans. Iron Blade is a big game that needs large space on any device that you can use for the game, and NO, it is not an offline game. It needs internet access for playing.

Q. Is iron blade pc game?

Ans. You can play on any device, and YES, you can play it on pc, because of its resolution and other features that may help you play on pc.

Q. Who is the developer of Iron Blade?

Ans. Gameloft SE is the developer of Iron Blade. This game gets a 4.6/5 rating, and its downloading rate is 10+millions worldwide.


Iron Blade is an action-packed game that requires strategic thinking and quick reflexes to defeat opposing forces. The modified version of the game offers unlimited Rubies, allowing you to purchase all available weapons and upgrade your character’s skills to become an unstoppable warrior. With a wide range of weapons and moves at your disposal, you can create unique strategies to outsmart and overpower your enemies.


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