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Download your favorite Last Outlander Fantasy Survival MOD APK role playing game in a mod version, and Build a Wondrous Base.
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The Last Outlander MOD APK + OBB (Dumb Enemies) is a new adventure game after the first game’s events. You play Jamie Fraser, who has been sent to prison on the other side of the Scottish border. The game was set in 1743, and you must escape and return to your family. Last Outlander Fantasy Survival MOD APK Menu is a great game that will thrill fans of the original.

The game is set in a new and exciting location, and the puzzles and challenges are very challenging. The game is also very well-made, and the graphics are top-notch. After playing the game for a while, the Outlander MODDED APK is the best one yet. It makes the game a lot more challenging and fun. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good challenge.


The gameplay of the LAST OUTLANDER FANTASY SURVIVAL MOD APK MENU is different from other mobile games. You take on the role of a survivor who has to explore an abandoned world filled with hostile creatures. You have to find food, water, and shelter to stay alive. You can also find weapons and tools to help you survive.

The game is based on a novel of the same name. The story takes place after a global pandemic killed most of the population. You play as a man who has been stranded on an abandoned island. You have to find ways to survive and find others who may have survived the pandemic. If you are finding similar games then check

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Shadowblood MOD APK

Fight With Epic Monsters

There are many different monsters that players have to fight, and each one is different and presents a unique challenge. To beat them, players need to do some research and find ways to fight them effectively. The best part is that players can explore the dungeons for free and invite friends to join in on the fun. Together, they can take on tougher enemies and complete quests that might be too hard to do alone.

Create a Guild

Creating a guild is a crucial aspect of Outlander if players want to have a more engaging and immersive experience with their friends during events and beyond. Guilds provide access to impressive and comprehensive content, inspiring players to participate in more exciting and enjoyable activities in real-time.

Additionally, the quests are designed to be PvP-related, allowing players to raid other guilds’ bases for even more bountiful rewards, creating an added sense of competition and challenge. By banding together with like-minded adventurers, players can explore the game’s vast and diverse world, taking on formidable foes and sharing in the thrill of victory.


The Last Outlander (Mod Apk) is a game that emphasizes player control. This is evident from the outset, as you can choose your path through the game’s opening stages. This sense of control is further enhanced by the game’s branching story, which allows you to choose which characters to follow and which quests to take on.

In addition, the game’s combat system allows you to take on enemies head-on or use stealth to avoid them. Overall, the Outlander: Fantasy Survival (Mod Apk)  is a game that encourages player experimentation and provides a high degree of control over your experience.

Craft and Upgrade

It’s important for players to craft or upgrade their equipment if they want to have a better experience or find new resources. Crafting is a bit complicated and needs certain things to be done, but players can improve their weapons by adding new features to hit harder. The exciting thing is that new weapons become available as they progress through the dungeons, which keeps things fresh and exciting.

Multiple Challenges

There are multiple challenges in the Last Outlander APK + MOD [Menu/Dumb Enemies] Download. The first challenge is to find ancient equipment. The second challenge is to find the remaining shards. The third challenge is to find the remaining pieces of the map. The fourth challenge is to find the remaining pieces of the key. 

The fifth challenge is to find the remaining pieces of the medallion. The sixth challenge is to find the remaining pieces of the staff. The seventh challenge is to find the remaining pieces of the sword. The eighth challenge is to find the remaining pieces of the shield. The ninth challenge is to find the remaining pieces of the amulet. And many more.

Build a Wondrous Base

In Outlander, constructing a sturdy base is critical for players to endure the harsh environment and preserve their valuable resources for prolonged development. Furthermore, the base serves as a hub for building additional facilities and crafting stations, which enables players to process various resources and create essential items for their survival. By enhancing the base’s infrastructure, players can bolster their defenses against hostile forces and advance their facilities to higher levels, thereby improving their chances of survival in the game.

Different Locations

There are a few different locations in the Last Outlander MOD APK for Android.

  • The first is Dun Laoghaire Castle. This location can be found in the southeast corner of the map. This area is home to many enemies, so be prepared for a fight.
  • Another location is the Dalkey Archive. This location can be found in the northwest corner of the map. This area is home to many secrets, so be prepared to explore it thoroughly.
  • The final location is McIntyre Farm. This location can be found in the northeast corner of the map. This area is home to a large number of enemies.


The modes in the Last Outlander APK + Mod (Unlimited money) for Android refer to the different gameplay styles that can be chosen while playing the game. There are three different modes to choose from- Classic, Adventure, and Survival. Classic mode is the easiest and is just a straightforward story mode where you play as Claire and try to find your way back to the mainland. Adventure mode is more challenging and has more opportunities for you to die, and Survival mode is the most difficult and is the only mode that allows you to save your game. 


The Last Outlander MOD (Lots of energy/Mod menu) APK is an excellent addition to the game. It adds a lot of new features that make the game more fun. Some of the features include new weapons, new enemies, and new quests. 

  • The new weapons are great additions and add many new options to the game. 
  • The new enemies are a lot of fun and add a new challenge to the game. 
  • The new quests are a great addition and add unique content to the game. The Last Outlander v9.3 MOD (Lots of energy/Mod menu) APK Free is an excellent addition to the game and makes it more fun and challenging.
  • Players must survive and explore a huge and dark fantasy world with special conditions, using their survival skills to progress through new content gradually.
  • Construct a strong base with a solid foundation to support future growth and expansion, allowing for a range of activities and the unlocking of higher level crafting recipes.
  • Create and improve equipment to delve deeper into the dungeons and adapt to the combat styles of various monsters and bosses located throughout the maps.
  • Join forces with friends to form a guild and discover new activities, earning generous rewards from multiple actions and quests that are designed for group completion.
  • Attack other players’ bases and destroyed structures to obtain valuable items and rewards that can be used for expanding your own base or upgrading your character.

Frequently Ask Questions About Last Outlander

Is outlander-fantasy-survival APK paid app?

No, you can freely download the Last-Outlander APK on your device from our website.

Can I play the Outlander: Fantasy Survival on PC?

Yes, you can easily play the Last Outlander APK + MOD [Menu/Dumb Enemies] Download on pc.

Who is the developer of Last Outlander?

XTEN LIMITED is the developer of last outlander.

What is the latest version of last outlander?

9.5 is the latest version of last outlander.

What is the size of last outlander?

The size of last outlander is 1 GB.


If you are a fan of action, adventure, and survival games, then the last outlander is your best game. The final outlander mod apk includes many improvements designed to make the game more enjoyable. These improvements include updated graphics, new quests, and improved gameplay mechanics. If you face any problem during the downloading process, please comment on it.


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