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This name must not be too new for you. This is the sequel to Modern Combat 4, developed by Gameloft in the recent past. In the Modern Combat series, this is the best part because it is more invested in gameplay and graphics, so the game is considered a top-notch and attractive shooting game with millions of players around the world.

Gameloft is an extremely famous game developer based in France. The founder of Gameloft is also the founder of Ubisoft, Michel Guillemot. Gameloft currently has 21 development studios worldwide. This is a well-known publisher, especially for racing and shooting. No more wasting time chatting; we will go into details now to see if this game has anything special that attracts such a large number of players.

modern combat 5 android


Gameloft’s Modern Combat series is a series of interrelated stories. Modern Combat 5 latest version is a continuation of the story from the end of part 4; you will continue to pursue and destroy a terrorist organization. Such a plot is too popular for you because American action movies are mostly the main content of their movie. Still, they have added a bit of creativity to make it not boring, extremely interesting.

Gameloft has arranged the task force battles with terrorists in different places to create a great experience for you. For example, in a temple, an urban area, a military base, … every war that broke out is led by the seamless storyline of the game to make it interesting. And in each area, you must complete 4-6 tasks to be able to unlock the next area.

About controls, make sure you will not take time to get acquainted with the shooters to have something in common. In particular, those who have played previous shooting games such as Cross Fire. It will not take much time to get acquainted. On the left is a joystick button to move the character; on the right will be a button to shoot, jump, sit, change bullets, and some function keys to use other items.

Modern combat 5 pc

Online mode

Modern Combat 5 online is a shooting game that requires you to have a network connection to be able to play. This is one of the great things about the game, and it allows you to communicate with other gamers around the world or those near you. You can also invite your friends to join the game, create teams to complete the mission of a warrior. And of course, the game has a campaign mode and a Squad vs. Squad solo mode, such as Team Death Match, C4, Capture The Flag… Not only that, but you also can participate in eSports competitions of professional gamers to gain experience. Many player compare this game to call of duty mod apk but really its features similar to call of duty.

Multiplayer Mode With Network benefits

Modern Combat 5 Mod Apk download provides users with the game in multiple variants and formats. There are three gameplay formats: campaign highlight, spec ops missions, and multiplayer modes to go with this version.

You can also switch the game formats or modes from one to another in the Modern Combat 5 Mod apk. Even in the middle of the game, at ease and can customize features accordingly needed in the meantime.

Modern combat 5 multiplayers

Go Global and show your skills.

Most gamers love the multiplayer mode because they interact with random strangers and make their long-going friendship of relation. On this variable, you can also enjoy and make connections with your old friends at one destination.

Call them and ask them to download and register on the platform to spend the rest of the pleasurable moments together, like playing the game and destroying enemies and your everyday talk. These things make this game an inevitable work.

Astounding Graphics And Realistic Visuals

IN modern combat 5 graphics, Apart from other classic features and advanced technical weapons, the game offers astonishing ultra HD 3d graphics with visuals like reality. The game is designed keeping in mind the realistic experience, and those experiences and observations gave it the edge over others because of its real-seeming simulation.

Modern combat 5 graphics

The environment is created so that every form, from minor to significant detail, covers the aspects like the natural experience. All these graphics are simulated to create beautiful, original approachable designs for users to dive and flow into the gaming world.

World Class Technically Advanced Weapons

We will not be able to talk much about the weapons of Modern Combat 5 Mod Apk because this is something the most advanced and premium feature, which rarely you will experience anywhere. Combat series developer has been extensively focused on creating. That’s why the results contain the flawless experience as no other action genre game can offer such a wide variety of weaponry of all levels, including the old ones, and a hint to customize most of them in your way. There can be no competition and comparison of it from others in terms of weapons.

Modern combat 5 weapons

9 Classes

There are 9 different classes, all of which have unique skills. You can level up and customize these classes and use them in both teams and solo play modes. There are different play styles for you to use, and these include heavy, sniper, support, commander, X1-morph, bounty hunter, assault, or recon.
Earn and spend skill points to activate class-specific skills.


Do not rest on victory by the revenge of the opponent, the attack of other armies will quickly come to you. Therefore, always be in a state of readiness to fight, not afraid of hardship, not afraid of death. Train every day with more accurate, faster-shooting skills. This will give you an edge over allies vying for the leaderboard.

Customizing Everything

Leveling up in Modern Combat 5 unlocks new classes, weaponry, gun attachments, grenade types, and customization options as you gain more experience points (XP). Finishing missions and accomplishing the three-star goals earns you General XP. You can go back to old missions to earn XP, but the rewards are much lower. Every kill also earns you XP, with bonus points awarded for headshots, explosive kills, multi-kills, and other efficient methods of murder.

Modern Combat 5 download

There are also medals for extra XP, such as ‘accurate’ (above 50% accuracy),’ marksman’ (five headshots), ‘executioner’ (ten kills), and sharpshooter (three kills in two seconds). Each weapon has an experience meter that is filled by killing people. After each kill, earning points unlocks new optional attachments (such as muzzles, grips, sights, and clips) for that weapon. Additionally, killing with one type of weapon (assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and pistols) unlocks the next weaponry in that category.

Use auto-shoot

If you’re new to FPS games or Modern Combat 5: Blackout, this is the game for you. There’s no need to be concerned because the game includes an Auto-Shoot option. The game will automatically fire at an enemy when your target viewpoint zeroes in on one when you enable it. Auto-Aim is only accessible in single-player mode, although Auto-Crouch might be quite useful for Modern Combat 5: Blackout/FPS newcomers.

How to Play Modern Combat 5 Mod Apk?

To play Modern Combat, you need an internet connection. Communication with friends around the globe or those near you is easy. Creating teams and collaborating with friends is also an option. Apps like this one may have third-party ads that redirect you to third-party sites. You may also purchase virtual items inside of the app.

The requirements

As it’s an online game, a device and an internet connection are necessary. Android requires software version 4.0 or higher.


Modern Combat 5 Mod Apk offline is one of the best shooting games available for Android, and I recommend downloading it if you have never played it before. If you have a low-end device with an effective sound system, you can use 3D graphics. It was a pleasure working with you.


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