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Download the world popular game PUBG mobile and remove your boring time. PUBG MOBILE is an original battle royale mobile game and one of the best mobile shooting games, where lots of events for you to explore.
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Pubg is known as Player unknown Battleground. It is an online game where more than one player can play together. PUBG allows you to partner up in teams of two, three, four, or play solo. Strategy and team communication are crucial in this exciting dash to see who outlasts whom. The weapon is one of the main components in gameplay you must have a good weapon to defeat your enemy.

These weapons are based on real weapons. You go through the houses where you got these weapons and health to restore your energy. Competition is vicious as teams fight to the death to be the last team standing. Another thing that adds more interest and intensity don’t catch up to a blue zone it will give damage your health and slowly your health is getting less.

Pubg mobile apk


It is a competition among players all around the world. PUBG is the ultimate game for anyone looking for a fun and competitive battle royale game filled with strategy. Best multi-player shooter, multiple games modes, less and fewer cheaters every update, you need a decent device for a better gaming experience though. I like all the improvements made in each update. This is not boring. A lot of collaboration with different companies. If anything, these creators work hard to keep this game being played all the time. Matches are always going on on all game modes.

What is PUBG Mobile APK?

PUBG Mobile APK is a well-known battle zone game that nobody knows about it. It is one of the most popular games that there will hardly be someone who doesn’t know about it. PUBG mobile APK contains a stun and fights in which you are being represented as a soldier.

A company name Blue hole has launched this game and it seems to be the most played game in the world right now. The age of every people is playing this game and obsessed with this game. U can download the game with our link and enjoy it with playing.


The gameplay of this game is very interesting. At a time 100 people can play this game in their selected location. In these 100 players, there are some auto-computer players which are called bots. At the beginning of the game, they travel in the plane and jumped there wherever they want to land. There are some cities where the people land and they also give the names to the cities, those names are based on the real existing cities in the world.

Those cities are full of houses where the players get the guns. The best thing about the PUBG Mobile update is that they always bring more and new updates in the game so the players can enjoy some more adventure things. Pubg mobile update experience adds more maintenance to the gameplay. This is one of the best and most played games in the world right now. Pubg’s new version is about the new updates that Pubg brings and most of the players enjoy the Pubg new version.

pubg mobile lite apk

New Version

Pubg’s new version keeps the players activated and players do not get bored by playing the same versions repeatedly. Pubg’s old version keeps the audience retraining for the upcoming versions. While playing the game you have to make sure that your net signal is extremely strong. Because if you have the good internet you can play easily otherwise you have to face the many problems like ms, lag, or glitches and you won’t be able to defeat your enemy. By getting the good internet you will be able to fight with your enemies and defeat them.

PUBG for Smartphone

The PUBG Mobile for Android addictive kill, loot, remain objective is fun and strategic, making this an extraordinary mobile game to play with your friends or strangers. The game comes as a part of the slew of games with the same model: parachute onto an island and fight to the death to be the last one standing to win the game. The popularity of this game style rose around the release of the hunger games book. Similar to the ternary, PUBG mobile players are flown in an airplane over their island of choice, with the option to parachute out at any point.

This is where the construct begins. Jump into the city wherever you want and instantly have access to loads of resources like weapons, armor, and health items. However, landing in a city brings a higher density of people, raising your likelihood of getting killed early on. ON the side of caution and parachute into a less-populated rugged terrain, keeping you safe from others players, but limiting your access to resources.


The player can choose any island on any map and are matched with up to 100 players in each game. However, there are some central impressions that some of the people you are matched with are a bot. Erangle is the original European and the favorite map of this game. Miramar action and loot are found in its huge cities among vast deserts. Sanhok is the smallest map of the among with a jungle theme, where you can any part of the map from the airplane, unlike the other three maps. In sanhok’s close cottage, you will find yourself slamming into enemies faster than in the other maps. Vikendi is the best latest map introduced and has a festive snowy theme.

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Select Your Player

Pick your player’s avatar, enter experience level, graphics level, add accessories, and dive into your game. As soon as you touch down in your map of choice, move from place to place, looting as you go. Avoid giving your location away by making a scene or attempting a kill unless you’re sure of your shot. Last as long as possible, eliminating other players on your way to victory.

PUBG obsessive nature grows as you gain more experience and success. Victory tastes extra sweet considering how many players are in each game. Even those with limited video game aptitude have a shot at winning in PUBG. Focus on a plan and excellent team communication to get yourself to the end. Graphics on PUBG for Android are reduced for clear reasons. Overall functionality and range of motion suffer on the mobile version.

However, features and basic gameplay remain the same across all platforms, allowing a seamless playing experience. Users can access game support on PUBG’s website and within the app itself. Click on the menu button to access settings like Customer Service, Basic Settings, Graphics, Controls, Vehicle, Sensitivity, Scope, Audio, and Language.


In PUBG Mobile there are many ways where you can log in to the game like Facebook, Gmail, etc. There are many characters in the game. PUBG Mobile characters are Victor, Sara, Carlo, Andy, and Anna.

  • Victor is the first special PUBG Mobile character. The character is available free for all PUBG mobile players. The feature of Victor’s character is that when a user uses a sub-machine gun, it has the weapons to reduce the overall re-loading time. Victor reduces the reloading time of SMG Gun. Upgrading the levels of characters reduces the more reloading time. AT level 9 it reduces the 10 %.
  • Sara is the second PUBG mobile character. The characteristic of this character is to increase the durability of a vehicle. When you upgrade Sarah completely, you will expect to increase the durability of the vehicles by up to 10 percent. It is not free to unlock you have to purchase 600 uc to buy this character and you can upgrade the levels of Sara by playing or with UC.
  • Andy is the third Pubg Mobile character. It is not free to unlock you have to purchase 1200 uc to buy this character and you can upgrade the levels of Andy by playing or with UC. You can completely upgrade the character by enhancing the gun image as well as keeping the speed up to 16%.
  • Carlo is the fourth Pubg Mobile character. It is not free to unlock you have to purchase 1200 uc to buy this character and you can upgrade the levels of Carlo by playing or with UC. Carlo is a beautiful-looking character in the PUBG mobile game. He has a beautiful dress and a wonderful hairstyle Also, when you upgrade it to 9 levels Carlo comes with a special ability to reduce it by about 24%.
  • Anna is the fifth Pubg Mobile character. It is not free to unlock you have to purchase 600 uc to buy this character and you can upgrade the levels of Anna by playing or with UC.

Play on Different Devices

PUBG can be played on many devices like a pc, Android, or iOS. Without the need to upgrade your system, you can now boot up your PUBG mobile directly on your PC screens for absolutely free. No more eyeing the battery or avoiding annoying calls at the wrong time. Experience the latest hassle-free gameplay that lets you keep your focus on winning the game. You can play PUBG Mobile on pc, however, you need to get used to it. Unlike the mobile game, where players need to play using the touch controls, for the pc, players need to use the shortcut keys.

With easy controls and smooth gameplay on PUBG Mobile PC, surviving the intense classic 100-player battle or the fast-paced 4v4 deathmatch feels like a whiff. So are you ready to take your competitors down and be the Winner Winner and have the Chicken Dinner? On PUBG Mobile PC you got the more advanced and better graphics. PUBG Mobile PC is fully free to download you can easily download it through our link for a better experience. Compared to other games in the action genre, PUBG Mobile offers a lot to fans, especially with the pc version. On a large-sized screen, it’s even more fun, exciting, and adventurous. Since the game tries to be creative at every step, you’ll never feel bored or tedious.

PUBG is also Available on iOS

PUBG is one of the best devices to play this game because of the more facilities and better and more unique software than the others. From this players can easily and smoothly be played on iOS devices and most competitive players prefer the iOS devices to play this game. PUBG Mobile is free on iOS and you can download the game through our link for a better experience.

PUBG is also available at Android devices. It’s free to download you can download the game through our link on your android mobile. PUBG Mobile Android is also smoothly and better to play on some android devices. But there is a lot of difficulties you have to face while playing like lag slowness. You can also download the Latest version of


Badlanders MOD APK

Age of Origins MOD APK


There is a big range of weapons such as rifles, pistols, guns, and so many other weapons that are used to fight with your enemies. The weapon is the main component of this game if you have a good weapon you can fight with your enemy and can defeat them. The most famous and powerful weapons are m416, akm, and AWM.

pubg mobile android

There are some levels of these guns which can be upgraded with UC. Most guns have 7 levels to upgrade and some have 4 or 5 levels. By upgrading the gun you got the shinny kill message and the box of enemy death become unique.

Through the maps of ErangleI, Miramar, and many more. Survival is the key to winning the game. You can survive in the last by taking a good fight and winning those fights. IF you want good fights to win you just need a good weapon to win the game.

Single and Multiplayer

This game is can be played in two modes. It has a single-player mode where you can play alone against all the enemies. No one can help you or save you, you are a one-man army where you have to face all the enemies on your own to fight them. While in multiplayer mode you can play with the duo, trio, and four persons along so you can help each other. They are the level in pubg the more you play and kill and survive the more you get the points that can upgrade your level. The level starts from bronze and ends on conquerer. You work in a team and create an army against the enemies.

Best multi-player shooter, multiple games modes, less and fewer cheaters every update, you need a decent device for a better gaming experience though. I like all the improvements made in each update. This is not boring. A lot of collaboration with different companies. If anything, these creators work hard to keep this game being played all the time. Matches are always going on on all game modes.


A PUBG mobile mod feature is given in this latest version of pubg mobile. You can remove all sorts of difficulties that may help enemies and put you in danger.

pubg mobile pc

You can remove the fog, grass that comes in your way. In this way, you can get rid of all those problems that can help you to defeat your enemies and get the victory.

New Features

Pubg mobile always brings more and new features to the game. About every new season it also brings new features to the game. The new features bring a map. For every new season, they always bring the new royal pass. In this royal pass, they have high-quality new skins of guns and heavy dresses.
Their developers hope you all are doing well, Here to rate this app Sometimes I play with a group of friends and sometimes with random people. But somehow if we’re a 3/4 squad the 4th mate would be a bot.

For real, or someone who acts like a new player An hour ago I played squad with random players since my friends are offline. 2 of my mates were bots or acting like new players, I’m on ace and of course, I want mates who are at my tier to finish a good match. I hope this can be done well.
One of the best features is redemption. You got many bp coins from you can redeem many skins of guns and many outfits.


PUBG graphics settings have become insanely important over some previous time, as a combination of the game’s somewhat shiny performance and, interestingly, the fact that you can gain a pretty clear competitive advantage by making a few tweaks in the menus.

Most of the time conversations about searching for the best pubg mobile graphics setting have revolved around what settings the professional players and streamers use.

pubg mobile graphics

Copying your favorite pro is certainly a way to do it – but that misses a large part of the question out. It’s important to know why the pros’ settings are what they are if you want to get the most out of them because for one those pros’ personal preferences for settings will change over time, and likewise so will their effects in-game as Bluehole continues to prod and poke at the code.

Different options and settings have a different punch on your game performance. Some have a really small, essentially nonexistent punch on frame rates for instance, while some can effectively portion it in half just by you tweaking things in a few options. Below, we will run through what each of the options does in pubg.


Q. Can I play PUBG in PC?

The answer is yes you can easily download and play PUBG on pc. Tencent recently launched its official PUBG mobile pc which lets you play it even on a pc or a Laptop.

Q. How can I get unlimited UC in PUBG mobile?

Ans. The PUBG Mobile UC alternator is one of the most used ways of getting access to unlimited UC in the game. All you need to do is enter the details of your account, like your username, user ID, and the platform you are currently using to play PUBG Mobile. Within a few hours, UC will be transferred to your account.

Q. How do you get Conqueror in PUBG?

To reach Conqueror, you need to be in the top 500 players in your region.


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