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Download Shadow Fighter: Sword, Ninja, RPG & Fighting Games and It's superior PVP to all other RPG & adventure game.
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Shadow Fighter MOD APK is a marvelous action game, a high-level fighting game. It is also one of the best offline RPGs. Shadow Fighter will guide you through the levels of the series with amazing ideas.
There is a number of zombie battles and monster battles on different levels. A fierce battle awaits you at every level. In this, you will become a superhero to fight the black forces: zombies, enemies & monsters. Your skills will be increases after each level you have passed. In this fighting game, you can attack enemies with different weapons and tools.

Shadow fighter PC


After every 5 stages, a strong monster boss appears to destroy this enemy; you must be clever as a fox & skillful. This battle will give you an excited and a great feeling. Shadow Fighter app – a dark 2/3D action filled with endless competitive battles and dedicated to saving a fictional universe from the attacks of shadow invaders that appeared literally out of nowhere. The world is mired in the attack. But, despite the general chaos, almost no one tries to repel the enemy. Some are hiding in shelters, and some have even become accomplices of the invaders. The game is much similar to

Shadow fight 2 mod apk

Swordigo MOD APK

Shadow fight 2 special edition mod apk

The protagonist of shadow fighter, who is already armed with the latest technology and techniques and only dreams of destroying those who got in the way, is going to judge other people’s destinies – enemy and supposedly allied ones!


The world is peaceful, but there are always hidden threats from evil forces(enemies), dark, with the plot to sabotage destroy the peaceful and happy life. These are the forces of darkness, are the zombies, monsters, dark dragons… With conspiring to dominate the peaceful world, they always find ways to destroy the world. You as a shadow warrior, a hero with unbeatable strength, and your task is fighting against the dark forces to protect the peace of the world.

In the game, you will be as a shadow warrior, will be joined, and experience the really fierce battle. You will represent the righteous to fight the enemies, monsters, zombies. Prevent evil forces, monsters, zombies to invade the earth and the land of the people. What will you do to fight the evil forces? A lot of weapons to support you, such as knight, hammer, archery. In addition, there are a lot of pets to support you in combat, who will accompany and help you as the assistant.


With Shadow Fighter, o lot of characters for your choice, you will be a superhero fighting for peace. There are many levels and experiences that give you many levels of difficulty with battles, difficulty levels.
In Shadow Fighter, there are also many monsters, zombies, dark dragons for you to fight.

Shadow fighter online

Shadow Fighter mod, you can also collect a lot of gold diamonds to improve your power and destroy all enemies. In addition, the shadows warriors also have weapons, special attacks with great destruction to destroy the beast, zombies faster in each battle.


Shadow Fighter attains a harsh and dangerous world, along with many heart-touching mechanics to entertain players through countless fierce battles. It also explores more exciting things, such as various biomes and enemies, along with many upgrade mechanisms to immerse players in the entire gameplay. On top of that, it will feature many outstanding online activities, with the chance to claim legendary rewards or battle other players in a special game mode.


Shadow Fighter is a high-paced action game, so its control mechanism is flexible so that the player has full control over the character. Moreover, the game is developed in a platform style, so the character will have agile movements, giving players the smoothest and most comfortable control feeling. The game also introduces more interaction through attacks or skills to make the environment more realistic.

The game will help players activate skills more flexibly and quickly, enough for them to create beautiful and powerful combos thanks to the delicate interface. The skill system is also divided into two different hotkey bars, and players can switch continuously during the battle, giving them up to 8 active skills in action. That shows the absolute flexibility in the control system, giving players the most comfortable feeling when immersed in battles.


Players will have access to five distinct characters, ranging from different distances or strengths, allowing them to decide their fighting style. Each character also comes with a rich upgrade system and can be divided into many branches for players to create a separate skill or battle mechanics.

Shadow fighter apk

Moreover, the character classes will lead to various unique weapons, giving players more opportunities to develop everything comprehensively.


Besides the complex character systems, Shadow Fighter has a massive world for players to conquer, and it ranges from many different climates or designs. Depending on the player’s level, the level will automatically balance the difficulty of the monsters, which makes them more violent and chaotic to stimulate the player. Through that brutal fighting style, it will engulf players in the excitement of combat and carnage.


The game will enhance every player’s combat performance through real-time arenas where matchmaking and fearsome battle opponents. Fortunately, the system will balance their power, and players can use all abilities to fight effectively, taking the enemy’s ranks and more. Players will receive more generous rewards based on their achievements, helping them advance in a dangerous world.


Shadow Fighter will provide players with many rewards along with perfect opportunities to develop themselves through special events or challenges. They are all designed differently from regular levels and are often time-limited for players to show off the best combat performance they can achieve. The rewards are also generous, based on the player’s ability and progress, even with stiff competition between players.
Shadow Fighter will be a novel journey for players to immerse themselves in countless brutal battles, whether players or monsters. It also features various systems and special game modes to enhance gameplay value and refine the player’s experience, leaving them enthusiastic and refreshed.


  • Characters: 5 heroes
  • Levels: 55+
  • shadow fighter multiplayer
  • Mode: normal, hard, strong
  • Amazing graphics, effects, and sounds effects.
  • More weapons, tools& equipment to attack zombies, monsters, and enemies.
  • shadow fighter graphics.


  1. Stone giant: Attack with enemies.
  2. Dryad: Shoot arrows to destroy enemies.
  3. Special: Recover heath character

Control in shadow fight:

  • Running
  • jumping
  • More special attacks

Coming soon:

  • Multiple players
  • More maps and zones continue to be updated

Shadow Fighter is a great game, an excellent fighting game for you to entertain and relax. You can play this game whenever and everywhere, anywhere, with full experiences of action games. Get ready to be the greatest player in this Shadow Fighter game!


Who is the developer of shadow fighter?

NEKKI is the developer of shadow fighter.

Is shadow fighter APK online?

Yes, you can play shadow fighter online.


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