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Swordigo MOD APK is a fantastic 3D platformer that exploits the game, and it was discovered by Touch Foo and published in 2012. Though this game is ancient, it never fails for the players to enjoy it when it comes to the gameplay experience. This game has many stunning features that every player can enjoy. Players can observe beautiful places and creepy dungeons and kill the enemies and monsters who get in their way. You can choose any weapon from countless different weapons and complete various challenges so you can earn rewards. The controls of this game are straightforward.

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The Swordigo gameplay is straightforward; players can easily play and enjoy this game. You can tap the sword button to kill the enemies and tap the move button to act. Increase the speed of your run by double-tapping the move button. You can jump by tapping the jump button, but there are two ways if you want a higher jump.

You can hold the jump button for a while to jump higher, and you can also double-tap the jump to jump higher. Use your sword to kill your enemies. In the first mission, you will get to know about the magic bolt. Download Incredible Jack mod apk and swordigo 2 mod apk because it is similar game.


Magic bolt is a blue color fireball that you can use as a weapon to throw at your enemy from a distance to deal damage. It can be beneficial because you don’t want to get that close to your enemy to attack them, and its also give you the advantage to save you from the risk of losing your health. We can use the Magic bolt by tapping the button of the magic bolt. If you want to restore your magical energy, you need to collect the energy globes. If the enemy wants to attack you by throwing a ranged attack, you can easily block it with your sword, but you can’t stop it if the enemy attacks you with a magical spell.

swordigo mod

It would be best if you used portals to travel between other places. You have to face many enemies during the game like grass walkers, bandits, Ice Bats, Blobs, and Bush Beetles. The first you will face in this game is Grasswalkers. Bush Beetles attack the players when the player gets close to them. You will lose half of your heart to their attack. 12 is the health of bush beetles. The weakest enemy in this game is blobs, and you can quickly kill them. When it comes to weapons, there are a lot of weapons you will find in this game. The gameplay is terrific. I love the leveling up, the trinkets and swords to see, and the hidden chests and puzzles. The combat is perfect because it can be so frustrating at times instead of just super easy.

Swordigo Mod APK

This game is enjoyable, but if you want to enjoy it, you should play the modded version. In the Swordigo Mod Apk, you will get Unlimited Money, Unlimited Health, and Unlimited Soul shards. With unlimited health, you will be able to challenge the bosses easily, and also, you can complete all your levels and kill all the enemies without having to worry about your health. By downloading the Swardigo Mod APK, you didn’t have to work hard to collect soul shards; you have Unlimited Soul shards to buy anything in this game. Most of the players have the issue of getting ads.

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By downloading the Swordigo Mod Apk, you will be getting rid of this problem. So, download this game now from our website. You can download this Swordigo mod APK on your android devices. The game Swardigo in andriod can be played very quickly there is no any serious issue you will face. And other devices like IOS, you can easily download this game in IOS, which is free of cost. You don’t have to spend any money.

Swordigo Unlock levels

All over the process of adventuring Swordigo, players will face more adventures that increase the difficulty for players. You don’t have to overthink about completing the challenges, but you have to improve your strength to overcome. To such a category, the need to upgrade yourself to a breakthrough is exceptionally important for you to rescue humanity.

The simplest way to raise your power is to level up. However, the level is higher; it takes more time to take it to carry out, apart from the tiny clues obtained after try hard is not sufficient to help you fight for the Swordigo all bosses.

The more you play, the more you upgrade the levels in the game. In Swordigo level 1, the gameplay is quite simple, and you don’t face too many difficulties in the first level of this game. As you move on to Swordigo level 2, you have to play more wise and good except for level 1 because the more you play the level of your game, the more enemies you have to face in the upcoming classes.


Q. Can we play Swordigo on PC?

Ans. Swordigo is a fantastic Adventure game developed by Touch Foo. You can play the swordigo game on your pc with the help of an emulator.

Q. How many bosses are in Swordigo?

Ans. Master of Chaos is the boss of the swordigo game.

Q. How do you beat the corruptor in Swordigo?

Ans. Avoid their blades and hit them as fast as possible to eliminate them. The homing attack Corruptors are also dangerous but not as tricky as those who wield swords. Their attacks are fast, but the attack can be avoided.


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